The site is operated by the Good BRCA Genes non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the well-being of BRCA gene mutations carriers in Israel.

The Facebook community, operated by the Organization, is comprised solely of women who carry a mutation in BRCA or similar genes and includes healthy, ill, and recovered members. The community facilitates a women’s circle with members who assist each other and provide the utmost support on various aspects of morbidity associated with the gene and risk reduction surgeries.

In addition to the active Facebook community, the Organization undertakes various additional activities, including:

– A system to support and inform newly diagnosed carriers

– Presentations by experts in fields relevant to gene carriers

– Promotion of issues related to the carriers with relevant organizations in the healthcare system, such as increasing the number of carrier clinics, providing training for healthcare teams treating carriers, etc.

– Maintaining a country wide array of equipment lending stations for women undergoing mastectomy surgeries

– Gift bags for ill and healthy carriers undergoing treatment or risk reduction surgeries

– An emotional support network covering the entire country and operated by volunteer members of the community

In addition, the Organization manages a separate Facebook community designed for men BRCA carriers and their families – providing information and support

To contact the Organization, please email us.

It is important to note that the information found on our site cannot replace professional medical advice. Always consult your physician before making choices regarding your health.

Please contact us by E-mail: info@goodbrcagenes.com